Romanian Workers in France

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A new government in France has begun a sweeping campaign against the Roma, which has led to accusations that it is following the policies of former president Nicolas Sarkozy, including dismantling Roma camps and arbitrary expulsions. However, the new government has dismissed such criticism, saying it is simply enforcing a law that protects the rights of the Roma. Moreover, it says it will offer workers the same benefits as its centre-right predecessors. Find out –

What Is Romanian Workers In France Really All About?

The French government has announced that it will ease labour restrictions for Romanians and Bulgarians in France. This is one step towards ensuring that the country’s unemployment rate is below the EU’s target of 10%, which is still very low. Furthermore, the French government is attempting to deal with the estimated 15,000 Roma living in illegal camps. Despite the difficulties, the country is still a thriving economy.

France has a large Romanian population, with more than 15 thousand living in the country. Most of these migrants are from Romania. Others come from Bulgaria. Both countries are Schengen member states, and their citizens are free to enter and leave any time they want without any restrictions. The issue is complex, and there are various challenges in the way the Roma are integrated in France. In addition, many jobs are off limits for Romanians, which means they are forced to rely on the help of other immigrants.


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