Leadership Development at the Abiola Oke School

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Leadership development is the method that assists people to develop the capability of people to perform in key leadership positions within various organizations. Leadership positions are such that facilitate implementation of the strategy of an organization through the effective building of mutual understanding, winning the trust, and also growing the abilities of others simultaneously. With leadership development, people learn how to become successful leaders in the workplace. This develops a leadership culture where good leaders establish positive leadership cultures, which are conducive to organizational growth. The leadership programs conducted by the Abiola Oke School of Leadership at the University of Johannesburg have been proven to be very effective in helping both young, as well as experienced leadership professionals, become proficient and effective leaders.

How Important Is Leadership Development For Employees?

Leadership development encompasses various processes, and the first and foremost process lays emphasis on the importance of valuing talent and personality traits, while valuing performance. It also emphasizes the need for creating a work environment that develops a sense of belonging and acceptance in employees. Building organizational solidarity is another important skill that enhances leadership skills. This facilitates greater morale in employees and also creates an environment of loyalty. Moreover, building organizational solidarity leads to a stronger sense of employee accountability and promotes teamwork and leadership within the organization.

The Abiola Oke School of Leadership at the University of Johannesburg develops the skills of employees through leadership development programmes. These programmes provide an individualized training methodology aimed at molding the employees into becoming highly competent and successful leaders. Through these leadership programmes, the leaders are taught to acquire new and improved skills and are taught new strategies to improve the overall results of the organization. The leadership development programme at the University of Johannesburg also helps leaders understand their weaknesses and work round them to enhance their abilities. Thus, through the leadership development programme at the University of Johannesburg, not only are leaders made more effective but also become more loyal to the company.


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