Customer Relationship Management Integration: How Liondesk Can Help Your Business

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This Liondesk review concentrates on our experience in working with the online CRM solutions from Liondesk. In this report we look at how Liondesk have integrated their own sales and marketing processes into their mainframe software, while providing many additional sales opportunities for both Liondesk and its clients. We also look at how these integrated capabilities help to increase the scalability of Liondesk for medium to large business requirements, as well as explore the various benefits of these scalability provisions. Finally we consider in this Liondesk review the role that integrations like these play in reducing complexity and waste in the process of sales management.

A Liondesk Review to Help You Determine If This Is the Right CRM For Your Business

When we started working with Liondesk our sales team were initially impressed by their web-based CRM functionality and felt that integrating the solution with lion desk crm pricing would be a good move for us. Over the course of time however we found that integrating Liondesk further increased the complexity of our sales process, reducing our ability to focus on other important revenue channels. At one point our accounts managers were suggesting that we should remove Liondesk from the whole system, but this was not a viable option for several of us as our sales process was very tightly integrated with the rest of the Liondesk system. So as part of our assessment of the capabilities of Liondesk we decided to conduct a comprehensive review to find out whether or not integrating Liondesk with other CRM offers would provide any more value to our company.

So we conducted an eight page Liondesk review which looked at the capabilities of the web based CRM solutions from Liondesk such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and its ability to add integration points with other applications. Our review also looked at the additional features that come with the integration of Liondesk and its ability to support text messaging as well as mobile device access. As it turns out the addition of text messaging is actually a very positive thing as it allows the customer service representatives to give more useful information to potential customers rather than just getting them to take out their cellular phones. It also gives them an opportunity to demonstrate how easy it is to get in touch with their clients and how quickly they can get things done.


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